Stafford County Summit on Business and Entrepreneurship

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I want to promote small business and local economic opportunity rather than people having to endure long commutes and face gridlock. When elected to the Board of Supervisors, I will propose that the Board of Supervisors and county staff work together with county business leaders and area business associations to put together a summit on promoting job growth, business and entrepreneurship in the county. My suggestion would be for a facilitated conference with a keynote from an expert, break-out sessions to allow for the participants to interact and contribute to a dynamic discussion with concrete suggestion for follow up. Maybe this can be an annual event.

I would look for the summit to include visioning for our economic future and the identification of obstacles and solutions.

The basic question for me is what else does the community believe we need to do to attract and expand local economic opportunity in the light of our infrastructure, resources, markets while protecting our quality of life while also considering the impact on schools, housing and transportation.