Stafford County voters will have a clear choice on November 7, 2017 for the direction of the Board of Supervisors. The choice will be between new energy and purpose versus the limited vision and the tired routines of the past. Falmouth deserves better.

My Commitment to You, the Voter:

I will advocate for your rights, represent your interests, and work for transparency on the Board of Supervisors. I will practice and insist on the highest ethical standards on the Board of Supervisors. I will be guided by the principle of representing the best interests of all the people all the time.


Stafford County has significant transportation problems due to sprawl, unrestrained residential growth and a low commercial tax base. We need to have fewer cars on the road by managing growth, developing local economy, expanding rail and bus service and promoting car pooling. We need to address why municipalities to the north get roads or better roads than Stafford County.


The Stafford County Board of Supervisors must provide increased funding to the School District for competitive compensation for teachers and support staff. There is a direct link between a stable teacher workforce and student academic achievement.
The Board of Supervisors must establish a professional working relationship with the District.

Residential Development

Stafford County must carefully manage residential growth. The County needs affordable workforce housing for first responders, teachers, young professionals, new couples and seniors etc. New development must have a nearby economic center and easy access to established roads.

Economic Development

The County has a low commercial tax base and homeowners are bearing the brunt of County operation. The County must reopen and / or repurpose empty storefronts and promote business revitalization for good paying jobs and promote other innovations like tele-work centers.


County government must ensure that our river and streams are free from contamination. It must have erosions controls in place so there is no degradation from storm runoff or water encroachment onto private property.